Hanne Ørstavik

“This is the first of the Norwegian novelist Hanne Ørstavik’s works to appear in English – a long overdue recognition, given the lithe psychological intellect here on display … This is a work of chilling, masterly control”
Times Literary Supplement on The Blue Room, published in the UK by Peirene Press, 2014

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  • DanishGyldendal
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  • DanishGyldendal
  • FrenchNotabilia
  • ItalianPonte alle Grazie
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  • SwedishKabusa Böcker
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  • SwedishKabusa Böcker
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  • DanishAthene
  • SwedishKabusa Böcker

With the publication of the novel Cut in 1994, Hanne Ørstavik (b. 1969) embarked on a career that would make her one of the most remarkable and admired authors in Norwegian contemporary literature. Her literary breakthrough came three years later with the publication of Love, which in 2006 was voted the 6th best Norwegian book of the last 25 years in a prestigious contest in Dagbladet. Since then the author has written several acclaimed and much discussed novels and received a host of literary prizes.

Ørstavik’s books arouse strong feelings among readers and critics alike, a fact that greatly contributes to her unique standing. Her works are read and analysed by students of literature at universities in Norway and abroad. In 2008, Oktober publishing house published the anthology Openings, containing essays on Ørstavik’s books written by Nordic literary critics and academics.

Literary Prizes:
Voted one of the best ten international books published in Denmark in 2014 in Berlingske Tidende
Longlisted for The P2 listeners’ best novel prize 2013
Nominated for The Brage Prize 2013
Aschehoug Prize 2007
Klassekampen’s Literary Award 2004
Brage Prize 2004
Dobloug Prize 2002
Amalie Skram Prize 2002
Havmannprisen 2000
Oktober Prize 2000
NRK P2 Listener’s Prize 1999
Sult Prize 1999
Tanum’s woman scholarship1998