As True As I Am Real

Hanne Ørstavik

Johanne, the narrator in the novel “Like sant som jeg er virkelig” is a young psychologystudent who lives with her mother. One morning she awakes to find that she has been locked up in her bedroom. Two weeks earlier she has entered her first love-affair. In monologue Johanne recapitulates the last weeks’ events, at the same time as the reader is shown how difficult it is to decide what is real, when one’s language is not founded in personal emotional experience.

In 2014 As True As I Am Real was published to great acclaim in the UK under the titleThe Blue Room.

Rights sold to

  • Language Foreign publisher
  • AlbanianSkanderbeg
  • British EnglishPeirene Press
  • CzechDoplnek
  • DanishAthene
  • DutchDe Geus
  • FinnishLike
  • FrenchLe Reflet
  • GermanKarl Rauch Verlag
  • HebrewSchocken
  • RomanianCasa Cartii de Stiinta
  • SerbianArete
  • SwedishAlfabeta Bokförlag

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Additional info

  • Like sant som jeg er virkelig
  • 1999
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 152 pages