The World I Used to Know: The Nineties

Ketil Bjørnstad

“The World I Used to Know”-series has sold more than 150 000 books in Norway!

The fourth volume of Ketil Bjørnstad’s wildly successful autobiographical, literary chronicle about our recent past.

A sudden disruption after all the years down south implies a major change in the life of author.
He moves back to Oslo and when meeting C. he tries to put all the lies behind.

It is the year of irony and cruelty. Old truths are put on trial, both at a personal level and in the world politics. The USSR dissolves and the Balkan wars breaks out. Lady Di is killed. President Clinton is brought to court by the Lewinsky-affair and Bjørnstad’s publisher William Nygaard is shot.

Together with C. the author leaves for Bangladesh and acquires completely new insights. Later, they settle at the heart of Paris. When Y2K is approaching, the doomsday mood increases in Northen Europe and America.




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  • Verden som var min: Nittitallet
  • 2018
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel