The Therapist

Helene Flood

Sold to 23 territories before publication

Nominated to the 2019 Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize

With a striking talent for both plot and prose, author Helene Flood merges a highly contemporary and realistic setting with creeping suspense and disturbingly sharp insight into the darkest corners of our selves, our family lives and our relationships.

Thirty-something psychologist Sara runs a private practice for troubled youth in the large, newly inherited house she is refurbishing together with her ambitious, over-worked architect husband Sigurd. One day, after leaving a sweet message on Sara’s phone, Sigurd disappears. The large house where every room is half-finished starts to feel less homely and increasingly threatening. Random items are moved or disappear, only to return in their places shortly thereafter. And are those actual footsteps Sara hears on the empty floor above her one night?

As terrible truths unfold, Sara finds it increasingly harder to handle her own life and her own thoughts. Can she trust her memory? Can she, an expert in interpreting other people’s emotions and intentions, truly see her own? And where is she safe?

Rights sold to

  • Language Foreign publisher
  • American EnglishHouse of Anansi
  • Braz. PortugueseIntresca
  • British EnglishMacLehose Press
  • BulgarianPerseus Publishing House
  • CatalanColumna/Destino/Planeta
  • CroatianZnanje
  • CzechHost Publishing House
  • DanishGrønningen1
  • DutchCargo
  • EstonianRahva Raamat
  • Film rightsAnonymous Content
  • FinnishBazar Kustanus Oy
  • Germanbtb Random House
  • GreekLivanis
  • HungarianPartvonal Publishing
  • IcelandicBenedikt
  • ItalianMondadori
  • KoreanPrunsoop
  • LatvianJaniz Roze
  • LithuanianAllo Paris
  • PolishAgora
  • PortugueseDom Quijote
  • RomanianHerg Benet
  • RussianExmo
  • SlovakianSlovart
  • SpanishPlaneta (Spain)
  • SwedishBokförlaget Polaris
  • TurkishEpsilon

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Additional info

  • Terapeuten
  • 2019
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Crime, Fiction, Novel