The Rose Novel

Øyvind Berg

Nominated for the Subjekt Book of the Year Award 2019

On the day that our rose breeder is born, there is a mix-up at the birth clinic. He spends his first years with a Jewish family who calls him Jacob, while his unnatural, dark-haired brother, causes speculations about his mother’s fidelity. 5 years later the mistake is discovered and the boys immediately switch families as well as names. The blonde mother’s honour is restored, but her love seems to have vanished.

Both boys will have to pay for the mistake throughout their lives. Jacob becomes a poet and more or less settles in among artists of various kind, while our hero dedicates his life to rose breeding, constantly searching for the perfect specimen. But a perfect rose can quickly turn out to be fateful, and when the authorities start taking an interest in the gardener, he has to pack his hundred thousand roses and go into exile.

The Rose Novel is Øyvind Berg’s first novel. In a tender playful prose he gives us a dramatic story of origins, about loving that which cannot be held and about the bliss of rose breeding.

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  • BulgarianTonipress

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Additional info

  • Roseromanen
  • 2019
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 272 pages