The Fiddlemaker and His Daughters

Edvard Hoem

In The Fiddle Maker and His Daughters we meet the Norwegian peasant boy Lars Olsen Hoem, who shortly after his confirmation is sent to row cannon balls during the battle of Copenhagen of 1801. In this battle between British and Danish ships, he witnesses the deaths of many of his comrades.

During the British blockade between Denmark and Norway 1807-1814, he travels to Arkhangelsk to buy rye, but his galeas is captured by the British Jolly Tar, and Lars and the others spend the next four years as prisoners of war on an overcrowded prisoner ship outside Plymouth. Despairing and depressed, he befriends a French prisoner, who teaches him to build violins. The encounter changes his life. After the war, he becomes a fiddle maker in a small Norwegian town, living with a woman he loves and seven daughters who fill his life with meaning.

Sometimes forces we can’t control open the doors to a life that in hindsight seems a great gift.

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  • Felemakeren og døtrene hans
  • 2019
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 350 pages