Aschehoug Forlag, 2002


The Dandelion Song

Hilde Hagerup

In her third novel, Hilde Hagerup once again returns to the subject of jealousy between sisters and strained relations with girlfriends. The protagonist is Gerd, the younger of two sisters and the black sheep of the family. When a new girl comes to live nearby, Gerd feels that her relationship with her friend Kajsa is…

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  • Language Foreign publisher
  • AlbanianMorava
  • BulgarianEmas Publishers
  • CroatianZnanje
  • DanishGyldendal
  • DutchQuerido
  • FinnishTammi
  • FrenchSeuil
  • GermanCarl Hanser Verlag
  • LithuanianAlma Littera
  • SwedishTiden

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