Just Right. A Brief Story of Almost Everything

Jostein Gaarder

The big questions are answered just right in Jostein Gaarders new book. (…) A book that enhances the reader’s urge to live by reminding us that we will all die. Aftenposten.

Wise on being human. Fædrelandsvennen

Jostein Gaarder promises us a brief story of almost everything, a promise he keeps while writing beautifully and painfully. (…) The journey takes us from the deepest ocean floor and out into the farthest outposts of the universe. And when it is over, you feels the desire to text the people closest to you and remind them of what they mean to you. It may seem ambitious to cover “almost everything” in 136 pages, but in some strange way Gaarder’s 136 pages are just right for this purpose. Universitas

A fine composition and an effective narrative drive. (…) Jostein Gaarder takes his reader through an exciting story. Dagsavisen


On his first day at the University in Oslo, Albert notices a girl, Eirin, in front of the coffee machine. They have never met before. Still, they both startle as they see the other. 37 years later, in April 2009, Eirin is in Melbourne at a Freshwater biology conference, and Albert is alone when he receives some truly terrible news from Marianne. Can he go on living with what he now knows?

He travels to the Fairytale House, the small cabin that has been Eirin’s and his safe haven for many years. And grants himself a 24 hour deadline to write down the history of their life together. There are things he must try and understand. During the corse of this time, he will make the most important decision of his life. And there are things he needs to confess, things that involve Marianne. He will not check out from this planet leaving behind a great lie.

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  • Akkurat passe. En liten fortelling om nesten alt.
  • 2018
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel