From Now on Anything Can Happen

Espen Haavardsholm

At the Fjordtun housing for seniors, there’s a vital woman called Katrin. She has a a fast tongue, drives a scooter chair, dances on the lawn when it hails and wanders around in the neighbourhood talking to people. To the others at the centre, the retired doctor is a guiding star, a woman they want to be near.

But inside her apartment, she curls up. Her joints ache and smart, her body becomes stiff. Sharp, confronting conversations with her son often puts her off balance. And by going through all her old memories – post cards, letters, photographs – she brushes dust off things that lasted and things that never came to be. What parts of her past are worth dwelling at? And what traces should be wiped away forever?

In From Now On Anything Can Happen, important historic events are woven together with the personal and momentous. With gravity and exuberance. Haavardsholm gives us a portrait of a woman who has lived an unusually rich and eventful life.

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  • Fra nå av kan alt skje
  • 2019
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 264 pages