Bibbi Bokken’s Magic Library

Jostein Gaarder, Klaus Hagerup

” … a wonderful and important read, also for grown-up readers…”

The two friends Nils and Berit keep in touch by means of a ‘letter-book’ which they send back and forth. They once met a strange woman who called herself Bibbi Bokken. One day Berit finds a letter that has fallen out of Bibbi’s handbag. The letter tells about a book Bibbi has which is to be released the following year. Who has written this strange letter? And how can anyone possess a book that has yet to be published? And who is Bibbi Bokken? Clearly, she collects books, but what does she do with them all? Nils and Berit realise that they are not only looking for a mysterious book – they are also trying to find the magic library the book is about. Perhaps the key to the mystery lies with Bresani, the deaf proprietor of a secondhand bookshop in Rome. Another key figure is creepy ‘Smiler’. There are two other people involved, too, who know more about the matter than they are prepared to admit. But Nils and Berit can’t be thought-readers, surely? Their quest for the magic library takes them on a journey through the world of books. It all began thousands of years ago when written letters first saw the light of day…

Praise for Bibbi Bokken’s Magic Library:

Gaarder and Hagerup have written the probably best book to date on books and reading. It is a book for Young adults, but with its happy combination of suspense, humour and great wisdom it has become a wonderful and important read, also for grown-up readers, Gabriele Haefs has given the German audience a special gift through her absolutely fantastic translation.
Oldenburgische Volkszeitung

Love letters to books and writing. As one of the character writes: “I do know that most books have not yet been written and that in 25 letters more is hidden than in the brain of any person on Earth.
 Ruhr Nachricht

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  • Braz. PortugueseCompahnia das Letras
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  • GeorgianBlue Bird
  • GermanCarl Hanser Verlag
  • GreekLivanis
  • IndonesianMizan
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  • JapaneseNHK-Publishing
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Additional info

  • Bibbi Bokkens Magiske Bibliotek
  • 1993
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • YA