The World’s Coolest Kids 3. Kind, Kinder, Kindest

Maja Lunde, Hanne Sigbjørnsen

The unstoppable Helena. The handsome, but very stupid Ivan. The nerd Alfred. And Bjørg, who think she is the most boring person on the planet. Together they are experiencing the most embarrassing, yet hilarious, situations.

BESTSELLING SERIES – 50 000 copies printed in Norway

Helena does not at ALL like that Markus and Cornelia are collecting a lot of money to poor kids on Sri Lanka. How can the World’s Coolest Kids manage to collect more money and then be the kindest kids, more kind than Markus and Cornelia?

A Norwegian Wimpy Kid“. Dagbladet

A very good alternative to the super popular series The Dork Diaries and The Wimpy Kid.” VG

[…] the series is very well written, original, […] and unbelievably funny.” The Children´s Book Club

Maja Lunde has established herself as a talented
writer of children’s books. The World’s
Coolest Kids series is illustrated by Hanne Sigbjørnsen
a.k.a. Tegnehanne (Drawing Hanne).

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  • DanishTurbine
  • SwedishNatur & Kultur

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  • Verdens kuleste gjeng 3. Snill, snillere, snillest
  • 2016
  • Kagge
  • Children, Fiction
  • 203 pages