Maja Lunde

Nominated to The Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize

NO 2 on The Der Spiegel German Bestseller List (week 16)

A new bestseller is born (…) Solid and impressive. Her first novel conquered the world. With this book, Maja Lunde has done it again. Dagens Næringsliv

Rock-solid stories of human fates With an exquisite composition Bok 365

Maja Lunde’s new novel is great news, both for the climate cause and for literature Dagbladet

Blue is exciting, well-written and by an author who really knows her research Fædrelandsvennen

Blue is an exciting, skillfully constructed novel, presenting us with a terrifying warning. It raises a debate, not through making a case, but through the persuasiveness that good novels can contain. Between the lines it asks: What will happen to us? What can each of us do? What is important in life? Klassekampen

Maja Lunde swept the world off it’s feet with her debut novel The History of Bees. Now she is back with another magnificent and gripping story about the single most essential thing for human existence: water.

2017: Signe is close to 70, but sets out on a hazardous ocean journey, all alone and carrying a strange load, to confront the man she once loved.

2041: David feels too young to be a father, but has to flee alone with his young daughter through a drough ridden Southern Europe, where there isn ‘t enough water for all anymore. Everything changes the day they discover an abandoned sailboat in a deserted garden far away from any shore.

Blue is the second, stand-alone novel of Lunde’s The Climate Quartet.


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  • Language Foreign publisher
  • American EnglishSimon&Schuster/Touchstone
  • ArabicDar Al-Muna
  • Braz. PortugueseEditora Morro Branco Ltda.
  • British EnglishSimon & Schuster UK/Commonwealth
  • CzechOmega
  • DanishRosinante
  • FinnishTammi
  • FrenchPresses de la Cité
  • Germanbtb Random House
  • GreekKlidarithmos
  • HungarianCser Kft.
  • ItalianSonzogno di Marsilio Editori
  • ItalianMarsilio Editori
  • LithuanianTyto Alba
  • PolishWydawnictwo Literackie
  • RomanianHumanitas
  • SerbianOdiseja
  • SlovakianSlovart
  • SwedishNatur & Kultur

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Additional info

  • Blå
  • 2017
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 370 pages