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Halldis Moren Vesaas

Halldis Moren Vesaas (1907-1995) grew up in Trysil and made her literary debut at 22 with a collection of poetry, Harp and Dagger. She and her husband, the author Tarjei Vesaas, established themselves in Vinje in Telemark, and they travelled a lot, in the Nordic countries and in the rest of Europe, tying valuable ties with other poets, so that their home, Midtbø, became quite the Nordic cultural hub.

Haldis Moren Vesaas had three poetry collections published before the war, but the most famous poems are in the collections Speech of Troubled Times (1945), The Tree (1947) and In a Different Forest (1955). She has also had many other genres of books published – children’s books, a novel, short stories ( So Close to You, 1987), and besides biographies on Sven Moren and Tarjei Vesaas, articles, essays and the poetry anthology Walking with Verses (1990).

She used much of her work capacity on reinterpretations of classical dramas, by Racine and Molière, by Shakespeare and Brecht. In her last year of life, she finished the script for her final collection of poetry, House of Life (1995), which became one of the greatest successes any poet has achieved in this country.