White as Snow

Jon Michelet

Winner of the Riverton Prize 1980
Voted 3rd best Norwegian crime novel of all time in 2009 (Dagbladet)

Ex-lawyer and ex-cop Vilhelm Thygesen has served time after killing a neo-Nazi. After a booze-up the night before, he wakes up to find stains of blood on his bed and a dead man, undoubtedly murdered, in his bathroom. Thygesen has no recollection or idea as to what might have happened, and realises he has to act fast if he is to avoid suspicion. In his search for the murderer, he meets Linda Leirgulen, gets in touch with Oslo’s underworld and drug circles, and gets to know narcotic substances a little too well.

A classic of Scandinavian crime writing, White as Snow won the most important Norwegian crime novel prize, the Riverton. In 2009 it was named as the third best Norwegian crime novel of all time in a prestigious vote by Norwegian critics.

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Additional info

  • Hvit som snø
  • 1980
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Crime
  • 307 pages