Thygesen Stories

Jon Michelet

About murderous yuppies in the TV business in the poshest part of Oslo, about killings carried out by a so-called Stay Behind group in the Notodden area, about a non-returnable African asylum seeker who chooses a gruesome fate on board a ship in Fredrikstad, and about a safe-breaker who blows up the safes after opening them – and who makes a deadly mistake in Uddevalla.

In Thygesen stories we find four stories not previously published as books, three of which cast Vilhelm Thygesen as main character. This is the tenth book about Thygesen, who first appeared in Michelet’ s debut novel Den drukner ei som henges skal (He who is born to hang will never drown). Michelet soon established Thygesen as an innovation within Norwegian crime literature, a protagonist who is neither a cop nor a private detective, but a loner who often battles as much with his own existence as with criminal devilry.

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Additional info

  • Thygesen-fortellinger
  • 2005
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Crime, Short stories
  • 230 pages