The Paris Offices. Provenance, Book 3

Hans Petter Blad

As a young man, the author Lukas Hørslev discovers Paris. There he establishes what he calls his “Paris offices” – cafes, restaurants, night clubs, parks, casinos and metro stations where he can sit and write.

The novel weaves together Lukas Hørslev’s trips to Paris through several decades, creating a literary map of the city, its places and people. It’s about Paris the way it shapes him, but also about his turbulent relationship to his childhood friend, the actor Sindre Eggen, about the tension between the author who creates and the actor who interprets reality, and about the meaning of friendship in human life.

The Paris Offices is a study of a city and a culture, an author’s guide to Paris and an attempt to understand a life through the lens of a metropolis.

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Additional info

  • Paris-kontorene. Proveniens, tredje bok
  • 2019
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 160 pages