The Murder at Woldnes

Jon Michelet

Is there a murderer on the loose in the fashionable Woldnes? Can Vilhelm Thygesen solve a murder case the police have not managed to crack?

The private-owned Woldnes Clinic and Patient Hotel in Østfold is a place for both people with old money and the nouveau riche. A murder has been committed; a 38-year-old British doctor has been beaten to death with a bronze statuette. Thygesen has suffered a serious health blow and accepts a free stay at the patient hotel. The manager at Woldnes has offered him the stay, with the hope that Thygesen will play the part of private detective. Thygesen enters this role with everything he’s got. Several of the patients at the hotel turn out to have a motive, and Thygesen examines them closer.

Like this, the author sets everything up for a classic ”who-dunnit” at Woldnes. But Thygesen would not be Thygesen and Michelet would not be Michelet if the story was to have a classic solution.

Thygesen, who is now 70, involves his friend Renate Winløv in the case, and their friendship evolves into something more, despite Thygesen’s illness, or maybe because of it.

The Murder at Woldnes is the 11th book about Vilhelm Thygesen. It is now 33 years since Thygesen appeared in Jon Michelet’s debut novel He Who is Born to be Hanged Will Never Drown. Michelet soon made Thygesen into an innovation in Norwegian crime literature, a protagonist who is neither a policeman nor a private detective, but a loner who is often struggling as much with his own existence as with criminal devilry.

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Additional info

  • Mordet på Woldnes
  • 2008
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Crime
  • 250 pages