The Meal at Bocca

Erland Kiøsterud

“The last thing I remembered was sitting on a bench in the park watching the world disappear.”

With these words Nicolay Lyche, narrator and main character in this novel, begins his story. He finds himself in a deep crisis, feeling he exists apart from the world, in a silence he is unable to penetrate. Little by little it dawns on him that this crisis might be connected to his latest project; the attempt to write the story of his wife, Sarah, who is Jewish. At the same time he feels that his choice to break away from his family to dedicate himself to art, has points in common with the social break-up that Sarah only barely survived. The novel raises questions about how we justify our existence after the genocide during the second World War, at the same time, art and the role of the artist are being critically scrutinised. Nicolay is confronted by the disturbing question: What if the artist himself is a molester?

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Additional info

  • Måltidet i Bocca
  • 2002
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 142 pages