The Irreplaceable Parts of the Machine

Bård Torgersen

Hans Erik lives in a place where it always rains. He writes letters to a girl he has met somewhere far south, constantly reliving their most intimate moments together. He wants her to come, but he doesn’t have the money to buy her a ticket. He doesn’t even have a job – in fact, his social worker is threatening to cut off his social security money. Then his Playstation-addict friend Lasse moves in. And a girl he calls Fatty and for whom he feels nothing but contempt keeps showing up, demanding that he have sex with her. So the three of them come up with an idea of making money, involving a video camera, a wrestler’s mask and the internet.

The Irreplacable Parts of the Machine is a story of strong yearnings in a degenerate world, where dreams of a more beautiful existence still can be maintained.

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  • Maskinens uerstattelige deler
  • 2009
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 105 pages