The Homeland & Other Stories

Extraordinarily good Dagbladet, 6 out of 6 stars

In sum, this is an unusually strong anthology. The outcome of projects like this is often a display of the contributing authors less interesting work, in this book the result is the opposite. Morgenbladet

Edited by HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit and Geir Gulliksen

Contributors: Marit Eikemo, Tomas Espedal, Helga Flatland, Vigdis Hjorth, Siri Hustvedt, Karl Ove Knausgård,  Wenche Mühleisen, Agnes Ravatn, Maria Navarro Skaranger, Dag Solstad, Ole Robert Sunde, Demian Vitanza.

What does it mean to be Norwegian in 2019? Can anything even be defined as Norwegian or are there only individual experiences of belonging to a community? Is there a particular Norwegian world view or any other Norwegian characteristics?

Editors H.R.H. Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Geir Gulliksen have invited twelve authors they hold in high regard to contribute with new short-stories and essays motivated by these questions. The texts provide a unique sample of some of the leading voices in contemporary Norwegian literature as well as drawing a literary portrait of our time.


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  • Hjemlandet og andre fortellinger
  • 2019
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Essays, Fiction, Short stories
  • 274 pages