Svein and His Rat on the Horseback

Per Dybvig, Marit Nicolaysen

Bestselling and award-winning middle grade series sold more than 300.000 copies in Norway!

Hay, straw, horses – and Mr. Smith, the hooded rat! This time around, Svein and his rat are in a typical girl’s environment, and things are about to get off to a flying, or shall we say galloping, start. Recently, the author has been reading horse books, visiting stables and talking to girls with ponytails. Svein and Mr. Smith were thus prepared for a visit to this world as well. Dare we predict that there has to be chaos and complications this time too?

The 9th book in the popular series about Svein and his rat Halvorsen.

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  • Svein og rotta på hesteryggen
  • 2004
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Children