Svein and His Rat Celebrates Christmas at the Country side

Per Dybvig, Marit Nicolaysen

Bestselling and award-winning middle grade series sold more than 300.000 copies in Norway!

This time we get to tag along when Svein and his family visit Aunt Gro for the Christmas holidays.

Aunt Gro lives on a farm with her friend Alice and lots of animals. Aunt Gro asks Svein to “preferably not” bring his rat Mr. Smith along, because Alice doesn’t like rats. But “preferably not” means something entirely different than “definitely not” – doesn’t it?

Of course, Svein brings Mr. Smith to the farm anyway, but decides that they should sleep in the barn, so Alice doesn’t fi nd out. As they get themselves settled into the sleeping bag, Svein hears something strange. There’s something in the barn! Is it a man? Or some kind of alien? He’s dressed up like Santa, but he’s far from nice. Things go from calm to absolutely frightening!

The 12th book in the popular series about Svein and his rat Halvorsen.

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Additional info

  • Svein og rotta feirer jul på landet
  • 2007
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Children