Suzanne Brøgger – A Memoir in Conversations

Alf van der Hagen

In Alf van der Hagen’s new interview book, the reader is invited into the life of one of Scandinavia’s most remarkable artists. Suzanne Brøgger is a writer and an intellectual, performance artist and musician, villager and everyday mystic, and in every way an advocate for free speech and high spirits. She is probably best known for her autobiographical trilogy Crème Fraiche, Yes and Transparency.

Through 45 years, Brøgger has been realizing the 1970s slogan “the private is political” in new forms and in different life phases. Here she talks to Alf van der Hagen about her work and private life, her views on literature and politics, feminism and metaphysics and on literature’s place in a society that is increasingly hostile towards culture. Brøgger’s life shows how a robust, positive will can bring a person through great life crises safe and sound.

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  • Suzanne Brøgger. Samtalememoarer
  • 2019
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Biography
  • 380 pages