Song for Sixty-Eight Traitors

Gaute Heivoll

A great read (…) sensuous and evocative. «Song of Sixty-eight Traitors» is a toned-down and nuanced story of community and division, punishment and justice. About loss and love that will never be forgotten – about wars which, for some, never end. Dagbladet


A novel about crime and punishment, guilt and atonement, shame and reconcilliation. And about music and it’s ability to unite what is seemingly impossible to unite.

Andreas is the musical prodigy of his small village. Both in the community house and in the church, people are starting to take note of this child who creates such magnificent music. Music that for a short while manages to soften the painful divide caused by the war. And by the list.

For there is a list, on the counter of Gerhard Andersen’s store. It has sixty-eight names on it. Sixty-eight members of the Norwegian Fascist Party Nasjonal Samling, in a society of just a few hundred souls. Amongst them, Andreas’ father Sigvald, teacher, sexton and Church singer. Andreas cannot tell if his father has changed since becoming a party member. Still, everything feels different.

Neighbor stands against neighbor, old schoolfriends who once stood shoulder to shoulder in fromt of the preacher at their confirmation, look a eachother with anger and distrust. The tension is rising. Then, on the night before Christmas, eight of the men in the village is arrested.

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  • Sang for sekstiåtte forrædere
  • 2018
  • Tiden Norsk Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 317 pages