Pitbull-Terje and the Fight Against the Child Care Department

Endre Lund Eriksen

Bestselling and award-winning middle grade series!

Winner of the ARK Children’s Book Award 2006

In this sequel to Pitbull-Terje Runs Amok we are reacquainted with Terje and his buddy Jim. The two friends have just turned thirteen, and they should really be concentrating on being teenagers with hormones in turmoil, and nothing else. But, as we all know, there is this issue with Jim’s mother and Terje’s daddy. The kids feel that they should put their parents back on the right track, before their own teenage years can start for real – and if this is not done, not a single girl will cast a second glance at them. And the Child Care Departments people are luring in the shadows…

The first book about Pitbull-Terje and Jim has sold more than 13.000 copies. The movie based on the book was very popular, and Endre Lund Eriksen received the Amanda Awardfor the best movie for Children and Young Adults in 2006.

Second book about the friends Pitbull-Terje and Jim.


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  • Language Foreign publisher
  • BulgarianEmas Publishers
  • DanishGyldendal
  • FinnishSamokat
  • GermanDressler Verlag
  • KoreanWisdome House Publishing

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Additional info

  • Pitbull-Terje og kampen mot barnebernet
  • 2006
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Children
  • 265 pages