Orion’s Belt

Jon Michelet

Lars, Sverre and Tom are used to operating on both sides of the law in order to earn some easy money. The three men on board the cargo ship Sandy Hook are heading towards The Inaccessible Island to shoot polar bears. But on the deserted island north of Norway one of the superpowers has placed a secret weapon. The crew has to fight and flee for their lives when they are attacked by a Soviet helicopter. This is only the beginning of a game that proves to involve players far more powerful than the three petty criminals would ever have dreamt of…

A stand-alone political thriller from the cold war, Orion’s Belt is one of Michelet’s most successful and enduring novels. A screen version of the book was made in 1985, and the film was a huge success among viewers and critics alike.

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Additional info

  • Orions belte
  • 1977
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Crime
  • 392 pages