Oh Paradise

Mona Høvring


This is the street I lived in, this is the way home, this is a lonely and bewildered beetle, this is my mother when she has reflected upon it, this is a chilly night, these are waves, this is my handwriting, this is research, this is a threat, this rain is still untouched by repetition, this is a man photographing a crane, this is nature localised as the natural focus point, this is the blouse I unbutton, this is the girl I am going to marry, these words build the world, this is the faith I cling to, this is the child I’m carrying, this is Paradise, this is the first thing I say when I invite somebody to make love.

Mona Høvring’s writing is lively and precise, merciless and tender. These poems have Høvring’s unmistakable, characteristic claw, but it is also her most intricate collection, both in style and themes.

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  • Å Paradis
  • 2008
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Poems