Merete Pryds Helle

Nora grows up at the majestic Lysgården farm outside of Molde together with her father and the servants of the house. Her mother died giving birth, and while her father converses on important political topics behind his closed office door, Nora and her friends dream and imagine the lives ahead of them, of the children they will give birth to, of the men they will love. And one day a young student moves in at Lysgården. His name is Torvald Helmer and he is everything Nora has been waiting for.

Nora is a novel about women’s lives in the 19th century. In sensuous, captivating prose, Merete Pryds Helle writes about being young and yearning in a rigid society. It’s about romantic dreams and shattered illusions that are shattered, and about eye-opening experiences with the power to change everything.

In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, we follow Nora Helmer’s road to insight through three acts. In Merete Pryds Helle’s Nora we follow Nora Helmer through an entire life.

Nora is freely based on Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. The book is a part of Ibsen NOR, where three great Scandinavian storytellers have written novels inspired by Henrik Ibsen. The other books in the project are Klas Östergren’s Hilde and Vigdis Hjorth’s Henrik Falk.

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  • HungarianPolar Könyvek
  • NorwegianForlaget Oktober
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  • Nora
  • 2019
  • Rosinante
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 264 pages