No Longer Friends

Trond Brænne, Per Dybvig

While Magpie is cleaning up her nest, she leaves some twigs and sticks on the ground. But when Hen passes by, she finds one of the sticks. A beautiful stick like that would be perfect for her hen house! She takes it with her, but what will Magpie say when she finds out? And what will happen once Horse finds the stick that Hen thought was hers? And what if someone finds Horse’s stick while he’s not watching? Smaller conflicts than this can make friends no longer be friends – they can even cause wars!

Illustrated by Per Dybvig.

The second book in the prize-nominated series about the animals on the farm.

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  • Language Foreign publisher
  • GermanCarl Hanser Verlag
  • MarathiA&A Book Trust

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Additional info

  • Uvenner
  • 2008
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Children, Picture Book
  • 32 pages