Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold

“A tour de force of autofiction … an ambitious mix of evolvement, memoirs and depiction. The result is fragmental, yet psychologically coherent … a lengthy, fascinating and delightfully non-whining story about how the urge to write can defeat even the most stubborn of demons.”
Weekendavisen (Denmark)

When Kjersti was seventeen, she ran faster and longer than everybody else. She was unstoppable – until everything came to a halt. Now, a few years later, she is lying in a bed in a nursing home. Her boyfriend has given up carrying her around. An idea forms in her head. If she succeeds in writing a novel, she might feel like a human being again. She starts writing on post-it notes that she sticks to the wall over her bed.

In her second novel, Kjersti Skomsvold explores her own story with heartbreaking humour and an unsparing, self-critical eye. Monsterhuman is a powerful and funny novel of being afraid, getting well, finding a language and being human.


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  • Language Foreign publisher
  • American English, British EnglishDalkey Archive Press
  • DanishForlaget Republik
  • SlovakianPremedia Group

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  • Monstermenneske
  • 2012
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 592 pages