Markus og jentene

Aschehoug Forlag, 1997


Markus and the Girls

Klaus Hagerup

Markus has fallen in love – again. Today it’s Ellen Christine, yesterday it was Therese. in short, all the girls in his class. No wonder Markus is worried. maybe there’s something wrong with his hypophisis. But his biggest worry is really how he is to approach any of these girls. This is the second book…

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  • Language Foreign publisher
  • American EnglishFront Street
  • DanishHøst & Søn
  • DutchVan Goor
  • FaroeseBókadeild
  • FinnishTammi
  • GermanSauerländer
  • IcelandicMál og menning
  • ItalianSalani
  • RussianAzbooka
  • SwedishNatur og Kultur
  • UkrainianThesis Publ.

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