Markus og Diana

Aschehoug Forlag, 1994


186 pages

Markus and Diana

Klaus Hagerup

Markus Simonsen is afraid of almost everything. But when he writes fan mail to famous people, he becomes somebody else: a blind widow bound to a wheelchair who longs for an autograph of a famous novelist, or a young sportsman whose career was destroyed by doping. One day Markus writes to the famous actress Diana…

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  • DutchVan Goor
  • FaroeseBókadeild
  • FinnishTammi
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  • GermanSauerländer
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  • IcelandicMál og menning
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  • PolishJacek Santorski
  • PortugueseFio da Palavra
  • RussianAzbooka
  • UkrainianThesis Publ.

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