Lisa Aisato

A celebration of life

A collection of the best illustrations by the illustrator of
The Snow Sister and The Girl Who Wanted to Save the Books,
both sold to 26 languages!

No one illustrates a person’s fears, hopes and dreams as beautifully as Lisa Aisato. In Life. Illustrated she has collected all her best work; classic illustrations as well as new drawings, and written a gripping text about this life we all have to master. All of life’s phases: love, sorrow, doubt and great joy are portrayed and illustrated in Aisato’s unique style which touches us to our inner most being.

Rights sold to

  • Language Foreign publisher
  • Braz. PortugueseEditora Morro Branco Ltda.
  • DanishStraarup & co.
  • GermanWoow Books

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Additional info

  • Livet. Illustrert
  • 2019
  • Kagge
  • Children, Fiction, Picture Book
  • 197 pages