If We Were Lions

Line Baugstø

Nominated for the 2018 ARK Children’s Book Prize

A lovely children’s novel about being born in the wrong body. […] a valuable door opener to a complicated subject. If We Were Lions should also be read by adults.
Marie Kleve, Dagbladet

Line Baugstø’s voice is simple, straightforward and clear in this good and relevant story about a group of girls in 7th grade. The relationship between Malin and Leona […] is presented in a realistic and moving manner …
Emil Otto Syvertsen, Fædrelandsvennen

Very well written story about a transgender in the class room. Baugstø has done a thorough job in portraying this relevant issue. If We Were Lions is a book filled with drama, distinct characters and an unusual story.
Morten Olsen Haugen, Aftenposten

Line Baugstø has written a good story. Through If We Were Lions she opens up for a conversation about a subject that is not so commonly discussed […] The story encourages children to be themselves, to be a good friend and to fight for what they believe in.
Anne Cathrine Straume, NRK


The Secret

There is something about the new girl in class. It is possible that she can become Malin’s new best friend?

There is a new girl in class! Malin is exited. Maybe she can become her new best friend? Maybe she is a supergirl that can handle Sarah and her entourage of girls that run the school? The new girl, Leona, is very shy. Malin tries to get to know her, but it is obvious that Leona is carrying a secret. After a few days the secret is out, in the most brutal way. Malin gets another challenge: Is she ready to stand up for an outsider?

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  • SwedishBokförlaget Opal

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  • Vi skulle vært løver
  • 2018
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Children
  • 134 pages