I Refuse

Per Petterson

Winner of the Booksellers’ Prize 2012
Nominated to the Youth Critics’ Prize 2012 
Nominated to the P2 Listeners’ Prize 2012
One of the 10 Best Fiction Books 2014, Guardian
One of the Best Fiction Books 2014, TLS
One of the Best Fiction Books 2014, Sunday Morning Herald

Two men meet by accident on a bridge one early morning. Once they were best friends – now Tommy and Jim haven’t seen each other in 35 years. Back then, Tommy and his sister were left by their mother, and later by their abusive father. Jim, who lived alone with his religious mother, went to high school and became a socialist. Then one winter, Jim started to doubt whether he was deserving of the friendship. And now, Jim is standing on the bridge, fishing, when Tommy drives by in his expensive, new Mercedes. We follow both men during the course of the fateful day that follows.

Per Petterson’s outstanding novel is broader in scope than many of his previous novels, but as powerful and moving as anything he has written.

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Additional info

  • Jeg nekter
  • 2012
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 300 pages