Girls against God

Jenny Hval

Girls against God is a novel about magic, writing and art.

The novel starts with the main character’s youth in southern Norway in the 1990s, a part of the country known for its deep religiosity and its white wooden houses. A powerful, primitive feeling starts growing in her: A hatred to God. In this hatred, there is a force which stays with her long after she has left behind the classrooms of her childhood and the dark southern forests.

Later we find ourselves in a future, but still recognizable Oslo: a stinking town full of garbage, where art has become super­fluous. Here, a secret network of witches arise, carrying out subversive rituals with complete naturalness. At the same time, the narrator is writing a film script, a magical document which is neither writing nor image.

Girls against God is an uncompromising, reflective, playful and deeply fascinating novel about black metal and white-painted idyll, about underground movements, magic and rebellion. The narrative, the essayistic and the magical is organically woven together into a literary text that both genre-wise and by virtue of its content refuses to be boxed in.

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Additional info

  • Å hate Gud
  • 2018
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 256 pages