Ut av psykopatens grep

Aschehoug Forlag, 2008

Health & Society

310 pages

Escaping the Grip of a Psychopath

Aud Dalsegg, Inger Wesche

«We are entitled to human decency. To try to gain power and control over another human being is to deprive it of its human decency. And just that is the main objective of the psychopath. Those who are caught in their net become victims of psychological or physical violence. And the most serious consequences are all the children that are violated by unwholesome parents.
We have gained insight into many sad stories from family and professional life. With this book in mind, we have searched for stories where the victims have found a solution, found a way out of the grip they have been held in. It is possible to create a new life for oneself, in which you are not controlled by others, but are in charge yourself. We hope this book can inspire just this – a freer and more dignified life. »
– The authors

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