Annette Münch

… an exciting thriller and a powerful story, not only about school but about life in general. … an intense and thrilling YA with a quick-sight for young people’s world.

An intense YA about a desperate search for attention and restoration. Three angry drop-outs demand to be heard. Equipped with weapons, they break into the school where blogger Madeleine and her friend Katia are at band practice. The boys have a plan, but they are desperate. Nothing goes according to their plan, and soon the five young people are locked in at school. The situation is dramatic, claustrophobic and dangerous. While the clock is ticking, secrets and hidden motives are revealed. The boys had a common plan, but their own agendas are now threatening the situation.

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  • Dropout
  • 2018
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • YA
  • 204 pages