Jan Kjærstad

Nominated to The Norwegian Critic’s Prize

Nominated to The Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize

Nominated to the P2 Listener’s Prize

Nominated to the Young Critic’s Prize

In «Berge», Jan Kjærstad dismantles some of the biggest myths, traumas and archetypes in recent Norwegian history. The result is one of the strongest novels he’s ever written. I dare to name «Berge» a certain winner of the 2017 book fall.
VG, six out of six stars

Probably this year’s most important Norwegian novel.

Hamar Arbeiderblad, six out of six stars

It takes a certain courage, a well-tuned psychologic insight, serious political reflection, substantal depth, considerable composition skills and an elegant and original pen to lift a topic as the one Norwegian author Jan Kjærstad takes on in his latest novel Storefjeld. But he brings it all, this is simply a magnificent work of fiction.

Information, Denmark

(..) an electrifying and stimulating novel. Yes, the author’s best qualities are used to their fullest in this fall’s book. Lauguage-wise, Berge is a smart mix of voices and styles. I expecially appreciate the intelligent use of quotes from our common July 22nd dialogue. (…) The public conversation of July 22nd often feels narrow and predictable. Kjærstad expands it.

An exquisite, rock solid novel about us all.

Bok365, six out of six stars

Those who aren’t moved and shaken by this story, are either completely uninterested in literature in this genre, or somehow emotionally detached. It is both desirable and likely that Kjærstad will reach his previous, numerous readership with this novel.

Kjærstad has written of his best novels to date.



On a warm day in August 2008, Labor Party minister Arve Storefjeld and several members of his family, are found murdered in their family cabin at Blankwater, in the Nordmarka forest. Five people with their throats slit. Everyone thinks terrorists are behind the atrocity.

Journalist Ine Wang has felt out of touch lately. But the Storefjeld murders changes everything.

Judge Peter Malm lives a withdrawn life and attends his hobbies in happy solitude. The last thing he wants is attention drawn to himself because of a case.

Nicolai Berge was head over heels in love with Gry, Arve Storefjeld`s daughter, for years. Then she broke up with him. Now she is dead.

The most unlikely things happen in this world, again and again. Yet, we are never prepared for them. Berge is a story of horrible events, told from three different points of view. A journalist, a judge and an ex-boyfriend. Without touching upon the July 22nd attack in Norway, Berge is a novel that would not have been written without it.

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  • CzechAlbatros
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  • GermanSeptime Verlag
  • SwedishAtlantis Bokförlaget

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  • Berge
  • 2017
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 378 pages