Merethe Lindstrøm

Merethe Lindstrøm’s short stories take effect in the space between her distinct, quiet form of expression and the tremendous power and sense of unrest in the subtext. They are about relationships and about meetings between people. The people we are introduced to are from the outset already vulnerable, lonely individuals, but it is in the meetings with others that their loneliness becomes acute.

In the story “Hunger” two children and their parents are forced to set up on a deserted campsite. A group of people show up in the cabin next to them – people who seem threatening and dangerous to the protagonist. But is in fact the protagonist’s own thoughts about the strangers that constitutes the real threat? Herein lays the unpredictability of Lindstrøm´s short stories – nothing is for sure, we have to find the answers for ourselves, and we sense something recognisable, or something that may potentially matter in our lives

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  • Arkitekt
  • 2013
  • Fiction, Short stories
  • 192 pages