An Extraordinary Week in the Life of Glenn Johansen

Mari Kjos Hellum

The novel for everyone who misses Erlend Loe at his finest. Light and entertaining about accepting yourself as you are (..) perfect for a lazy, summer day at the beach Dag og Tid

Glowing (…) A fabulous debut novel – Fædrelandsvennen

One Sunday evening in April, after having thought things through thoroughly, Glenn Johansen tries to hang himself in his garage. Unfortunately for Glenn, a rafter breaks, and he ends up mildly bruised on the floor next to his shabby Toyota Avensis. What now?

Professionally, Glenn has stagnated as a mid-level excecutive in a medium-sized business. He is childless and newly separated from Anita who has already moved on. Except for his interest in WW2 books and movies, little seems to give him much joy. Still, could it be that something in him has changed, after all?

An Extraordinary Week in The Life of Glenn Johansen is a funny, sharp, surprising and philosophical novel about the largest and silliest question of all: The meaning of life.


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  • En begivenhetsrik uke i Glenn Johansens liv
  • 2019
  • Tiden Norsk Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 120 pages