A Hero of the Sea. The Warrior Returns

Jon Michelet


The Warrior Returns is the sixth and final volume of the epic Hero of the Sea series. Halvor Skramstad wakes up in a hospital in New Guinea, having been in a coma ever since a Kamikaze attack on his ship.

The end of the war is approaching in Norway, but in the Pacific Ocean fighting against the Japanese continues unabated. Halvor sails to Okinawa, where both the Japanese and the Americans suffer enormous losses, and numerous allied ships are sunk.

In September 1945, heavily marked by hisexperiences, he returns to Norway, expecting gratefulness towards him and his fellow surviving merchant seamen. Instead they’re met with contempt and mistrust. The merchant seamen fought Norway’s war at a great personal cost. Now they must fight a new battle: the battle for the compensation owed them by the secret Nortraship fund. But this time, injustice prevails, and many a disillusioned seamen descend into alcoholism. Perhaps Halvor’s only hope of salvation is honest work – and his love for the Irish Muriel.

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  • En sjøens helt. Krigerens hjemkomst
  • 2018
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 576 pages