A Hero of the Sea. Golden boy

Jon Michelet

In March 1941 the 16 000-ton M/T Iberia is docked outside Liverpool following a mine explosion. The nineteen-year-old Halvor Skramstad has been sailing with the Iberia after his previous ship, M/S Tomar, was torpedoed near Iceland in the autumn of 1940. When the Iberia is fully repaired and ready to sail, Halvor has to quickly leave the ship. He is hired on the M/T Vivian, a 10 000-ton ship which carries oil to Great Britain. On board the Vivian, Captain Coldeweyn has an iron grip on ship and crew. Halvor is yearning for his friends on the Iberia, he is homesick for Østerdalen, and not least, he longs for Muriel Shannon, who is waiting for him in England.

With Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, the war takes a dramatic turn. An increasingly big part of the ocean is being covered in mines by the Germans, some of the most powerful battle ships in the world are sunk on both sides, and for those transporting fuel on the seas of war, the crossing is unendurably hard on the nerves.

Golden Boy is volume 3 of Jon Michelet’s epic novel series A Hero of the Sea. With the epic novel series A Hero of the Sea, Jon Michelet is destined to provide those who sailed in wartime with a memento which will live on for future generations.

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  • En sjøens helt. Gullgutten
  • 2014
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 592 pages