Marianne Kaurin

Marianne Kaurin (b. 1974) has studied creative writing and literature at the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books. Her debut novel “Almost Autumn”, 2012 was awarded The Ministry of Culture’s First Book Award 2012 and The YA Award 2012 (Uprisen) where young adults decides the winner. Marianne Kaurin works in publishing.

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Foreign publisher
  • LanguageForeign publisher
  • DanishTurbine
  • GeorgianSulakauri
  • GermanWoow Books
  • LanguageForeign publisher
  • American EnglishScholastic
  • DanishTurbine
  • GermanArctis
  • Your Majesty
  • Deres Majestet
  • Marianne Kaurin, Ella K. Okstad
  • 2016
  • LanguageForeign publisher
  • GermanMagellan