Helene Flood’s sensational debut The Therapist is being launched in Spain this week by Planeta, and editor Maria Guitart has high expectations for the novel.

– The feedback from the journalists has been amazing and all the most relevant media will cover the book launch and spread the word widely. We are extremely happy with the first impacts on readers and hoping for a big success, says Planeta editor Maria Guitart.

The novel La Psicologa  is published in both Spanish and Catalan, and the author has met with press from both territories, as well as from Latin-America while touring Madrid and Barcelona this week.

– The launch has been an amazing and intense experience. It is so much fun meeting with journalists, booksellers and bloggers who have all read The Therapist and ask wonderful and intricate questions about the plot as well as memory, literature and psychology, says Flood.

The Therapist was published by Aschehoug in the fall of 2019 and is so far sold in 28 territories.