Oda Malmin

From the first sentence one feels in safe hands, because Malmin writes so well, in an unpretentious way, with natural authority (…) the sparse, poetic way of depicting inner moods make me think of Olav Duun. (Klassekampen Bokmagasinet)

Honest and tender about friendship… An abundance of poetic imagery intertwining the past and present. The cover with a Janus face made of stone, contains a gem of a novel, and I definitely recommend it. (Hamar Arbeiderblad)

They say you cannot choose your family, but growing up in Jæren, on the flat, windy, sparsly populated outskirts of Norway, you cannot choose much else, either.

Elderly cousins Ingeborg and Randi have been friends since before they could walk, but did they ever really choose each other? Ingeborg was never going to be a farmer, but she did. Randi moved away and was never going to come back, but she did. When Randi is seriously ill, they are both forced to look back at their life and relationship, and secrets emerge that threaten to change everything.

Steinauge is a story of adolescent love leading to a dangerous game of dare, of rebellion and tradition, of deepfelt love of animals and physical labor and of the difficult task of actually talking to the people closest to you.

A striking literary talent with a very distinct voice that we are very proud to introduce to the world.

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  • Steinauge
  • 2018
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel