Parents Are Idiots – and Other Rambling Rhymes

Siri Dokken, Christian Løchstøer

[Christian Løchstøer] is a poetic writer of the highest artistic order.

Playful poems in rhyme for anyone who wonders, thinks, dreams and occasionally cries. What do the stars do during the day? Who is the boy in the mirror, if he isn’t myself? Many of the poems are packed with humor and nonsense, while others have a touch of something mournful; a boy who stares and stares at the pretty girl who doesn’t notice him, a corpse that sneaks out of its coffin and creeps around the garden. Here are poems about writing, poems that play hopscotch between the stars, and thoughts that end in a thought cemetery.

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  • Rim det har rablet for
  • 2017
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Children, Poems
  • 55 pages