Mothers of Freedom – The Pursuit of a Better Life in USA and Norway

Magnus Marsdal

Two sisters grow up together on a crofter’s farm on a windswept island off the coast of Northern Norway. While Sanna, Magnus Marsdal’s great-grandmother, remains in Norway, as part of the generation that “built the country”, her sister Lina emigrates to America.

The Mothers of Freedom is a fascinating story of freedom, the defining concept of the political culture of the West. Starting with the lives of the poor farmer’s daughters Sanna and Lina, Marsdal explores the conditions of freedom in Norway and in the USA. Where will you find the greatest individual freedom: In the Scandinavian welfare state or in the land of the free?

100 years after Lina’s emigration to America, Norway has become the promised land for hundreds of thousands of people looking for a better life. What kind of society does the woman who cleans Marsdal’s house meet? And what is our responsibility to defend the freedom we inherited from those who built the country?

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  • Friheten mødre – Jakten på et bedre liv i USA og Norge
  • 2018
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Politics
  • 272 pages