Luckily, People Don’t Notice Me

Liv Marit Weberg

“A new hilarious voice like Liv Marit Weberg is exactly what’s needed in YA literature.”
Maja T. Djuve, Dagbladet

“There are not enough funny books for young adults, but luckily books like this come along […] A distinctive and snappy debut fit fourteen year olds and up to adults.”
Linn T. Sunne, Oppland Arbeiderblad

Dark and self-deprecating humor, great one-liners and observations is what have made readers fall in love with this young Norwegian voice.

Why start dating someone when you won’t be able to afford a divorce lawyer when the time comes? This is the mindset of the main character in Luckily, People Don’t Notice Me. She is a shy teenage girl that would like to be invisible. The story start’s when she moves to Oslo to attend University. She doesn’t even try to fit in, but find her own way to survive. She is dumped, has a boss that hates her, and her nemesis is around her every day. But then she meets a boy. Might something good actually be happening?

Rights sold to

  • Language Foreign publisher
  • Chinese (complex), Chinese (simplified)Guangxi Science and Technology Publishing House
  • DanishABC Forlag
  • GermanFischer Verlage
  • KoreanCharlie Book
  • SwedishOpal

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Additional info

  • Jeg blir heldigvis ikke lagt merke til
  • 2014
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel, YA
  • 192 pages