Good Luck! 52 Things Unfortunately to Experience Before Reaching Adulthood

Jostein Larsen, Hanne Sigbjørnsen

The perfect gift for someone on the threshold of adulthood.

This is a message to all teens in the world from the author and the illustrator:

There are a few things about adulthood you should be prepared for no matter what country you live in. For example:

* Your life is about to become an endless array of surprises.
* You will learn that romantic comedies are based on lies.
You will be disappointed in your parents.
* You will become more and more like your mother and father.
You will actually boast about things you are proud of.

Just chill! It’s totally okay. We are all in the same boat. Good Luck! presents 52 things you can relate to and laugh about. We will guide you through the large and small issues of adult life with humour and wisdom.

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Additional info

  • Lykke til! 52 ting du dessverre må gjennom før du blir voksen
  • 2017
  • Kagge
  • YA
  • 207 pages